What I Do

I consult companies of all sizes on social media strategy. Most of my work focuses on advising businesses on how to start, scale, sustain and evaluate social media programs. 091Once the program is working comfortably, I move onto the next project.

The internet is overflowing with people who say the same thing about themselves. Some of them are actually quite good at it. My essential difference is that I like to make points by practical stories and rather than showing you bullet points.

I’ve spoken to thousands of people about how they use social media in their work, in all sorts and sizes of businesses. I share with you what I have learned from them and I will help you take the most valuable principles and help you adapt them into a best practice for your business.

My projects vary greatly. I serve companies of all sizes. My projects range from an afternoon workshop to ongoing projects. Most of my efforts are in providing experience and strategy to starting social media programs.

Among my other service products:

  • My Google Voice number: 960.960.7699 – This ongoing service lets retained clients contact me to ask opinions, do analysis or find talented contractors on an ad hoc basis. It is not 24/7, but I make myself highly available to clients.
  • Online Communities. I believe that online communities are the next big wave in social media for the enterprise. I have been close to major companies and understand how they have changed their fundamental businesses with communities that serve millions of customers and partners. I can share what I know and help you adapt it to your business.
  • Mentor/coach. I help talented social media conversationalists refine and improve their skills.
  • Research. I use my social listening training to research and report on what other companies are doing in social media-related areas that is being successful. In addition to reporting,  I analyze and recommend how you should adapt it.
  • Other. If it involves social media strategy and is challenging, I’m probably interested in it.

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